Facebook – We are excited to announce

Facebook – We are excited to announce

We are excited to announce that our childcare has been approved by the Nebraska Department of Education for participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). The CACFP reimburses our center for the partial cost of meals. All we need parents to do is fill out one form to finish our qualification requirements. You will see Lisa, Julie and Jeanna at pick up this week to help all parents fill out the form. This is a huge benefit to our center and we are very happy we can participate

Check out just a few of the benefits
*Better Quality Food
*More Fresh Fruits and Vegetable options
*Infant Formula and Baby food will be provided (Members Mark Brand)
*Funds that went towards meals will now go towards, education for teachers, better curriculum programs, updates to daycare center, updates to playground equipment and more!
*With the rising cost of food this will allow us to keep tuition affordable for everyone

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